Northern Boobook and Daurian Redstart, Qigu, October 18th and 21st

Northern Boobook, Qigu coastal forest, October 21st.

Northern Boobook, Qigu coastal forest, October 21st.

A couple of fairly uninspiring visits to Qigu coastal forest, the highlight being my second Northern Boobook of the year on 21st, which was fairly flighty but I eventually got good enough views for a record shot.

On the 18th, the long-staying Asian Brown Flycatcher was seen again, plus a male Daurian Redstart, about four Arctic Warblers, and a Eurasian Kestrel. On the 21st – with the notable exception of the Northern Boobook – there was virtually no evidence of migration whatsoever. The weather has been clear, with light north-easterly winds, for a long time – we need a weather system to pass through to shake things up a bit.

The following resident species can usually be found in the coastal forest – the first two in particular may be of interest to birders: Oriental Magpie Robin, Grey-capped Woodpecker, Japanese White-eye, Scaly-breasted Munia, Chinese Bulbul, Tree Sparrow.


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