Qigu area, January 27th

Outside the Black-faced Spoonbill visitor center, Qigu, January 27th.

Outside the Black-faced Spoonbill visitor center, Qigu, January 27th.

A quick visit to Qigu revealed many of the species seen there last weekend, with the notable additions of Curlew Sandpiper, Eurasian Curlew, Little Tern, and a splendid Purple Heron.

Between Tainan and Qigu, I stopped briefly at a small but promising-looking wetland which lies right next to the road and is easily viewed from the northbound carriageway of Highway 17. Among big numbers of the common ducks and herons were at least 20 Avocets and a single Black-faced Spoonbill. Just a stone’s throw to the north, a pitifully small remnant of mangrove habitat has been set aside as a nature preserve complete with viewing platforms and screens; one imagines it was a compulsory concession funded by local factories. 2 Yellow Bitterns and plenty of roosting Black-crowned Night Herons were the best birds here.

Finally, just south of Tainan, again alongside Highway 17, another small wetland is worth a quick look when passing through. Today, this one held perhaps 30 Avocets, at least 4 Northern Pintail, and 2 Marsh Sandpipers among good numbers of commoner species.


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